Wednesday, March 25, 2009

valentino: the last emperor

on monday my mom took my dear friend ali and me to see valentino: the last emperor at film forum. for all you non fashionistahhhhhhhs out there (johnny), valentino was pretty much the last couturier and also a hugeeee pug lover who was one of the most influential designers of the mid 20th to early 21st century. he was most widely known for his use of the "valentino red" dress at the end of each of his fashion shows, as well as his impeccable couture dresses and his VERY tanned skin. 
more or less the film gave a brief overview of his 45 year career and how it ended with the monumental celebration of his accomplishments in rome. the film also focuses on the relationship between valentino and his lover/business partner giancarlo, which is very inspiring to young couples everywhere. in the interviews with giancarlo, he talks about how stubborn valentino is and how they always have to compromise with one another for the sake of their company and relationship.
essentially, everyone who likes anything should go see the film or rent it when it comes out on dvd because it is WORTH IT.

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